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I spent many years before reaching adulthood, reading every moment I could snatch. I would read through classes with a book hidden by a text book, walk home with my nose in a book and read under the covers at night with a flash light.  High school was easy for me and didn't require a lot of work to remain in the top 10% in my class; therefore, I had LOTS of time. After making it to good ol' Indiana University, I did not have as much time to read.  Eventually my reading dwindled to virtually non-existent.

I started my career in Social Work, married at 24, had my son at 26 and my daughter at 31.  I'm not sure what made me pick up Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (I know, I know, groaning ensues) as it was before the Edward and Bella craze hit the masses, but I devoured Twilight and New Moon in one weekend, then Breaking Dawn was released the following Tuesday, so I also devoured Eclipse and Breaking Dawn the following weekend.  That was it, that was all I needed. After that point I began reading a book every 1 - 3 days starting with the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris (this was pre-True Blood).  My most memorable run in those early days were Janet Evanovich's first 14 books (that was all that was out at the time) in the Stephanie Plum series in 9 days.

I tried talking about the books I had read with friends, but they hadn't read the same books as I had or hadn't read them quickly enough.  When looking for something to read next, I discovered Goodreads.  After becoming a member of Goodreads, I saw that I liked sharing my reviews with other readers.  From there The Reader's Edge was born.  It is a work in progress and changing all the time.  I hope to use The Reader's Edge to share my enthusiasm for books and I hope to encourage others to read who may not usually read. 

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