Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review: Deep Dark Secret

Deep Dark Secret
Deep Dark Secret by Sierra Dean

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

DEEP DARK SECRET is the 3rd full novel in the Secret McQueen series written by Sierra Dean.

Secret McQueen, Werewolf/Vampire hybrid extraordinaire, is a Tribunal Leader and mate to the werewolf king. Formerly a bounty hunter, Secret finds herself missing the quick pace of rogue hunting. The past eight months, she has found herself in more of an administrative role. While learning to balance her love for Desmond and her sense of duty to the soul bond forged with Lucas, Secret has been asked to assist the Ocelot Queen in finding her missing niece, Lucy. It can never be that easy. Not really getting anywhere with the disappearance of Lucy, Secret has discovered a pattern of dead Columbia Coeds. Secret's ex-boyfriend appears to be at the center of the disappearances and has asked Secret to help prove his innocence.

I read DEEP DARK SECRET quickly and enjoyed the book as a whole. The action kept me engaged. I gravitate to Urban Fantasy and love the action, adventure and mystery involved in most Urban Fantasies. I will continue to read the series and I look forward to seeing how the relationships develop. This is my favorite thus far of the series.

Secret's interactions with the Jaguar King appear to be ill placed and do not seem to add anything to the story as a whole. There are some mutterings about Secret's katana having been tainted that just don't really seem to be going anywhere. I like the relationship between Secret and Desmond, but find her relationship with Lucas to continue to be shallow and contrived. I would feel better if the real love triangle involved Holden. At least she has a history with him to warrant the ambivalence. I'm still a little in fear of the "Anita Blake" syndrome, but I'm holding out hope for a good overall resolution.

I had the pleasure of meeting Sierra Dean this past weekend while at the Giant Book Fair in Chicago. She gave me the choice of buttons. At the time I wasn't sure which "Team" I was on; so, I chose an "I love Secret McQueen" button. I will say that after DEEP DARK SECRET, I am definitely Team Desmond.

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