Monday, April 23, 2012

Valerie Dearborn Book 3 Announcement

Caroline Hanson is an American Independent Author who has self-published two full length novels and one short story.  I first discovered Caroline Hanson's 'Love is Darkness' by accident.  It was recommended by Amazon while I was trolling amazon and goodreads, looking for something different.  The description sounded interesting and the price was ONLY $0.99!!!  It is still $0.99and can be found easily on Amazon here.  I have been anxiously awaiting news of the third installment and saw today where Caroline Hanson has announced the title, cover and release date for her third Valerie Dearborn novel.  The cover is gorgeous and has a similar feel to the first two books.  Love is Mortal is planned to be released in December 2012. More information regarding Caroline Hanson and her books can be found at Goodreads, Amazon and on her blog.

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