Monday, February 6, 2012

Review: A Bloody Good Secret

A Bloody Good Secret
A Bloody Good Secret by Sierra Dean

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Bloody Good Secret is the second book in the Secret McQueen series by Sierra Dean.

Secret McQueen a hybrid vampire/werewolf bounty hunter has recently been given a promotion by the Vampire Tribunal to Warden. After completing an impossible mission, Sig (Leader of the Tribunal), hand delivers Secret's next assigned target. Reeling from secrets discovered, a new ward and the target being a close friend, Secret copes the only way she knows how, she takes refuge with her grandmere. After three months of avoiding her responsibilities, Secret is forced to go back and prove her target's innocence before the Tribunal issues a warrant for Secret's own death.

***SPOILER ALERT*** I really enjoyed Ms. Dean's voice. This is a quick paced read with plenty of action and steam. This time the story looks deeper into Secret's vampire side unlike the first book which concentrated more on her werewolf side. I found this book more enjoyable even though there appears to be a love pentagon, the saving factor was there is only one sexual relationship occurring at this time. I find the multiple sex partners too reminiscent of Anita Blake. I hope that in future books this gets resolved. I found the story line to be well played, keeping the mystery until the climax. I hope to see more of Nolan and Kellen Rain. Overall, I'm looking forward to the next novel.

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